• Children disputes Mill Hill
Children disputes Mill Hill can be resolved best when bost parents are making the decisions around their children using a third party expert. Contact us on form below to speak to a Mediator.

Disputes over Children Mill Hill

Separation time between couples is a time of emotional turmoil and dilemma not only for the parties in dispute, but for everyone related to the couple. This time is particularly harmful for the children mainly because of the fact that their studies are hampered.

Hence, the disputing couples need some help from outside. Mediation is one way in which the separating couples can settle the dispute between them. Mediation is better than general litigation on several counts. The first and foremost reason is that mediation service is cheaper than general litigation. It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket of the disputing party. General litigation on the other hand is an expensive process. Mediation process is an easy one and less stressful as compared to litigation. Mediation doesn’t involve much time. This is particularly beneficial where children are concerned mainly because of the fact that it safeguards their future, and their studies are not hampered. Whereas litigation on the other hand takes a lot of time. Under mediation, the disputing parties have a say in the whole process. This means they do have a hand in the final decision making. Under general litigation, disputing parties do not have a say and all the decisions are made by the court. Under mediation if one party is unwilling to attend the meeting with other party, then a separate meeting session can be arranged with the mediators. There is provision for no such meeting under general litigation.

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